How to embed videos from Youtube Premium?

I have a YouTube Premium account but when I embed a video in Logseq is from a free account. Is there any way to embed a video already logged into a premium account in order to avoid advertisements?

Not a perfect answer to you question but if you are a YouTube Premium user I can’t see anything neither illegal or morally wrong in downloading it, and as long as one doesn’t share it I can’t see what objections anyone else should have either.

That said, if you do this, you end up having to store it which might or might not be an issue.

Edit, a crazy, untested idea that should be doable for someone who is a bit technical and have some time on their hands:

Use the built in proxy feature in Logseq and create a proxy setup that embeds the relevant login information to requests that goes to Google or YouTube.

Is exporting YT cookies from browser to logseq possible? Basically logseq is a browser right?

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I would definitely think so but I am not familiar with the finer details of how electron works (I’m assuming Logseq is built on electron.)