How to exclude blocks that are templates or child (nested too) of templates from a query?

I’m using templates as a way to insert checklists in my notes, to drive a workflow.
Unfortunately, my custom query for TODO items include these templates (that have checkboxes) but for obvious reasons I don’t want the checkboxes to be “checked”.

Is there any way I can exclude templates?

{ :title "⭐️ Focus"
    :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
      :in $ ?today ?tomorrow
        [?b :block/marker ?m]
            (not [(contains? #{"DONE" "CANCELED"} ?m)])
        [(get-else $ ?b :block/scheduled ?tomorrow) ?d]
          [(contains? #{"NOW" "DOING"} ?m)]
          [(<= ?d ?today)])]
    ;;:inputs [:today :1d-after]
    :inputs [:today 99990101]
    :breadcrumb-show? true
    :collapsed? false}