How to export or copy a page and include linked references?

I can’t figure out how to get all notes for a tag or page from Logseq. I can’t highlight everything and copy to clipboard and exported pages leave out linked references.

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Not currently possible. Should look for some export plugin in the marketplace.

Thanks for directing me. I tried a couple and the one that comes closest to exporting a page with linked references is supery-chen/logseq-plugin-pdf-print. Unfortunately the export it produces is in image format and not text in the exported PDF. One would have to OCR the PDF.

I have a similar question here. I wnat to copy the texts (the contents) of the linked references in one page. Any suggestion to do it?

Check Macro to auto-embed a block to the page of a tag

Hi Thank you for the fast response. But what I need is to copy the texts and not the block embeds.

Maybe I could explain a bit more. I’m using a different graph and I want all my flashcards (the blocks that are tagged with #card) to be copied from one graph to another. But when I clicked #Card in Logseq, the contents are presented in the linked references. I want to be able to copy just the texts in those linked references and paste to the new graph. (so that I can also review the flashcards in the other graph.)