How to filter Linked References by tasks

I was just writing a query on a project page to pull in all tasks related to a certain page.

I realized while doing this that all these tasks I was pulling in via the query was already listed in the linked references section just mixed in with everything else.

I think it would be awesome if there was a Todo filter by default in the filter if todos exist for the page.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is already possible:

If there are many filter values, finding the TODO value can be difficult. Later this year we’ll probably add a search field for the filter values.


Oooo yea. I can’t wait until the search is done! That’s the only thing I miss from roam other then synch :grin:

Thanks for the help

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You’re welcome! I’m moving this topic to #faq as it can be useful for other people looking for the TODO filter in the Linked References.

Good news! I see that in the latest version of the desktop app there’s a search bar for the filter values. This screenshot is from the nightly release and the feature should land in version 0.7.7.:


Awesome! Hoping I see it next week! :crossed_fingers:

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