How to fix 0.9.1 Re-indexing Error Message 'The File Logseq/config.edn has the following errors: :favorites invalid type'

After upgrading to 0.9.1 and re-indexing I got this error message

The File Logseq/config.edn has the following errors: :favorites invalid type


The graph I was re-indexing had a line in the config.edn

:favorites ("Home" "queries" "Backlog" "TODO" "Quick Capture" "Inbox" "custom javascript" "keyboardshortcut" "bug" "review" "LATER" "block" "tip" "Contents" "Tips and tricks")

and the normal brackets ( ) should have been square brackets [ ]

:favorites ["Home" "queries" "Backlog" "TODO" "Quick Capture" "Inbox" "custom javascript" "keyboardshortcut" "bug" "review" "LATER" "block" "tip" "Contents" "Tips and tricks"]

I fixed the issue as follows

  • edited the config.edn file in the logseq folder within the graph outside of Logseq in a separate text editor (see Note 1)

  • put the edited file back into the logseq folder within the graph (replacing the old config.edn)

  • cleared cache (which rebuilds logseq internal databases - sort of factory reset)

  • Opened Logseq and reset back to Dark theme (my preference)

  • Added the graph (which reloads the graph pages, journals whiteboards etc) and the corrected config.edn

  • Re-indexed the graph

Problem fixed !

I am not sure why my config.edn had the wrong sort of brackets for :favorites line … could have been my fault or maybe it was allowed in earlier version of Logseq. Anyhow the problem is easily fixed.

Otherwise very happy with 0.9.1

**Note 1.** When I edited the config.edn inside logseq settings it kept refreshing the config (with the incorrect brackets) from its cache. So editing config.edn outside logseq, clearing cache (sort of factory reset) and re-adding graph then re-indexing the graph works.

Thanks for this. My fix was somewhat easier. On linux I did this:

  • close logseq;
  • edit config.edn, replacing :favorites (…) with :favorites […]
  • save config.edn

And it worked again.