How to fix lost cursor focus without using mouse?

When navigating with keyboard-only cursor commonly gets lost. It looks like often it stays on the previous page. Is there a way to move it to the main portion of the current document without using mouse?

I’ve tried some suggestions like refreshing the page, using ctrl+z. But that didn’t help. Vim shortcuts plugin apparently also helps, but I didn’t find how. Maybe it’s worse in my case because I use tabs plugin as well?


I have the same question.
I’m trying to migrate from Bear, but LogSeq is very frustrating to use without a mouse due to the lost focus.

Bear does not have the same functionality as LogSeq, but it’s super smooth to operate with just the keyboard. I’m on the wait list for Tana, they will win me over if they have nailed their keyboard usage.

I would really like to use LogSeq, since it seems to fit my workflow perfectly. I’m actually quite surprised by the bad keyboard handling. Makes me think I have missed something.


I seem to be having the same problem as well.