How to go to arbitrary daily journal in the future on mobile?

Hi -

I find it useful to add notes regarding events or tasks in the future…but I am baffled how to get to tomorrow’s journal note on iOS. Also, for instance, this coming Saturday.

Right now i’m adding notes or tasks to today and then scheduling them…which works but it feels like I’m missing something obvious. Or is this just the way it is now on mobile until the framework for plugins is constructed?



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Not sure how you do this innately on desktop?
As in without plugins :wink:

Anyway a workaround you can do is on today’s journal page use /date picker select the date, then click on the link it creates.

Thanks for the suggestion.

On the desktop I do use a plug-in to be able to hop around, I settled on “Journals calendar” for that. And there’s at least a keyboard shortcut built in for getting to tomorrow, g t.

Using the date picker to make a link to a journal is a good idea…it’s just a few too many steps still to be quick on the run. I opened NotePlan back up after a month of just using LogSeq, and I do really appreciate both the integration of the calendar and the polish in the mobile apps there.

But I found myself coming back to LogSeq anyway as soon as I had something I needed to do. I think outlines are just a better fit for my brain and LogSeq is such a great mix of markdown, text and quick linking between things.


I agree, but do remember that Logseq is still in development. And plugins are planned for mobile as well I believe.
I must say that I don’t actually put things on future journal pages at all. Like you said yourself as well, I just schedule everything :slight_smile:
The advantage is that I can see when I thought of the task. Or when a thing came up. I like that sort of information as well.

All noted, plugins on mobile will definitely be a game changer when that happens. And a good reminder we’re not using a 1.0 yet.

Regarding scheduling versus writing on future notes, I see the benefit of having an idea when you added the info for a future note…but the advantage of just writing on that other note is that the underlying markdown file doesn’t need any magic/app parsing to make the info appear, it’s just there when you open the note.


That is very true! It is definitely something in the back of my mind as well.

You may create a new note using your journal date pattern as regular new note and LogSeq put it in journal.

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Thanks, that’s a great tip. It’s so simple I overlooked it. I marked it as the solution, it’s pretty fast to execute if you know the precise date you need.

To clarify and document:

On the mobile versions (I tested on iPhone)…

• if you hit the magnifying glass icon to open the “Search or create page” dialog,
• and type the new date you wish to open up, in the format you’ve selected for your journal pages
• The new page will get filed as a journal page rather than a standard page.

It doesn’t automatically get your daily template this way, but you can add it manually.

So for me, I can type “2023-03-10” to force creation of the note for next Friday.

Thanks again!!