How to group tasks?

Tasks on the journal page show up in the order they were created. This is an amazing and seamless logseq feature that I love which keeps your ToDos top of mind.

However I can’t find anyway to show the tasks here grouped by project or hashtag instead of chronologically. This makes managing Todos cumbersome and unorganized, laundry gets mixed in with client-work. Can someone share a solution that can help group all tasks that belong under the same hashtag/project together? The projects are not known apriori and shouldn’t be part of the query. Happy to use a plugin if this is a solved problem.


A workaround is to:

  • use a property to hold the group (or project) of each entry
  • use a query in table view
  • sort the table by the column of that property

Curious if you ever found a good solution that works for you – have the very same issue.

same problem here.
Any new solutions since you wrote it?