How to have expanded linked references by default?

I remember logseq previously not collapsing linked references for me. Now it does, which makes it very inconvenient for my workflow.

I usually indent any ideas I get under a certain heading, and rely on the linked references so that I can scan them in one location.

With the linked reference being collapsed by default, I have to manually expand every block, which is a huge pain.

Image to give you an idea of why I don’t want this:

Is there any way to change this setting? Or at least a shortcut that expands them all? (Shift+Tab doesn’t seem to work)


This would be a great option! I also preferred the old behaviour

Hm, for me it is exactly the opposite. It used to be collapsed, now it’s not, and I liked it better the other way :frowning:

I would also like this can be configured.

Maybe we can set a property if this could be auto expand.

+1 I would use this feature as well

Use this configuration in config.edn file:

:ref/default-open-blocks-level 3

Restart logseq and it should apply the setting.

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