How to hide properties in graph view

Hello everybody, I’m new in using logseq so may be I just missed the information but I don’t found it in doc or here.
I use properties into my template ( for exemple subject:: software:: plateform:: ) to let me use request in the futur but in the graph view I see them like a page. But it make my graph very useless, I don’t need to see the links decribe my template.
How can I hide them from the graph view ?

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Consider using exclude-from-graph-view from here in the first block of each property’s page. Make sure when in Graph view that the Excluded pages toggle is off.


Hello et thank you for your anwswer.
So it appear I had saw this but not understood how to use it.
It’s not really pretty to see this parameter ‘exclude-from-graph-view’ on the top of each block of properties but it’s seem to work for the graph view.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

In your config file, add the property here to hide it:

 ;; hide specific properties for blocks
 ;; E.g. :block-hidden-properties #{:created-at :updated-at}
  :block-hidden-properties #{}

Hello @Siferiax , I try this way but the properties disapear everywear ,not only in graph view mode

I meant the exclude-from-graph-view property so you don’t see it :wink:

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oh ! smart ! thank you :slight_smile: