How to I sync Logseq to Github using not Git but the GitHub Desktop App?

I’m close but not quite there yet. I was following the “Logseq sync with Git and GitHub” at the Logseq Community Hub but was then prompted in Github to download the Github Desktop. Now I’m a little lost of the next step.

I’ve been able to sync a local repo with my GitHub but not clear how to connect my Logseq files to my local repo.

My local repo is in windows is;

My local Loqseq in windows is;

  1. Do I recreate a local repo but inside my Logseq directory on my local drive?
  2. Do I use another mechanism to copy my Logseq files to my local GitHub repo and then sync to my GitHub?
  3. Use a Git or GitHub plugin within Logseq?

I’m just stumbling through this, any help appreciated.