🧐 How to ignore a directory on Github repo?

Hello, I’m a newbie here. I can see there is an option to ignore directories in config.edn but it seems not functioning. I don’t know if the problem is either because I type the directory in a wrong format inside the config.edn or because it can’t ignore directories from Github repo. Please help me! :weary:

You just need to add the directory to the .gitignore file. The file doesn’t exist by default.
Check out .gitignore file - ignoring files in Git | Atlassian Git Tutorial

Oh yeah. That makes sense. I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks.

I have tried clear cache and unlink my repo then link again. The problem solved. I didn’t include the directory in .gitignore

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Awesome, glad you figured it out!
You can mark your reply as a solution in case someone else encounters the same issue in the future :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you for reminding me.