How to inherit tags to linking pages?

Hi there! Another newbie question from this humble apprentice…

I have the following scenario. I have this page/1:


And I have another page/2 with a reference to that block on page/1:


When I click the Graph view I get this:


As you can see, page/2 is unaware of the indirect link to #tag-name3 residing in page/1. I understand this is by design.

What would I need to do to force page/2 to recognize page/1’s tags in the Graph view, and show a line from page/2 to tag-name3?

  • The Graph view:
    • is for pages only, not for blocks
      • This causes limitations, but the thing that needs fixing in this case is the pages, not the graph.
    • shows direct links only
      • By adding indirect links, it isn’t clear where to stop.
        • Everything may end up connected with everything else.
    • becomes easily a mess, even with direct links only
      • Forcing its behavior could be useful, but it isn’t currently possible.
  • Indirection is a good thing.
    • It keeps things tidy.
    • Inheritance is a bad thing.
      • It is hard to maintain.
      • If you share an actual scenario, we may suggest a better approach.
  • The correct tool to gather tags from linked blocks is queries.