How to integrate photos by their EXIF metadata (time created/geo-tagging) into Logseq? Is it at all possible?

I have rarely used any images in my journals so far and never actually needed it. But now, for those times when I don’t get to write down anything in a day’s journal (because I am on vacation/etc), I started thinking of some way to “link” the images I take with my phone/camera into a day’s journal, at least for retroactive journaling/documenting purposes. I am thinking of a Right Sidebar Page/Card that shows a vertical timeline-gallery of the current journal’s day.

But I don’t know how would Logseq know about pictures? Would I have to dump all my camera images in Assets folder -which I wouldn’t want to? I might use simlinks but the Assets folder is a flat-folder so it would need all simlinks of all my photos in there. I don’t think Logseq can be pointed to my photos folder. Would I have to use external scripts to create markdown pages like <%today%> and populate them myself with blocks, properties (EXIF data) so I can use a query to get a created-time-sorted table of images?

How do you go about your photos being integrated into Logseq journals?

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I find it hard to believe that folks using Logseq aren’t using photos in their journals… :-/ If journaling is what you do in Logseq wouldn’t it be reasonable to be able to include all sorts of media into daily journal, with photographs being the closest to a journaling experience to text…