How to intentionally obtain internal Logseq Block Data (something like the picture attached with intention)?

I believe this is a bug. Sometimes I get a result to a query that looks like this. It is the internal schema of a block I suppose. It would be quite helpful to be able to study the internals of Logseq if I could intentionally target this, especially when learning complex queries. (Maybe someone can make a video tutorial on Logseq Queries that shows this schema too and explains how the database of Logseq works … :slight_smile: )

Do you have any insight on this topic?

That’s… An interesting query result lol!
I would not expect this in the simple query builder. Definitely a bug.

And yes it is totally possible to get this intentionally. I used it to build your query in the other topic :rofl:

When your advanced query pulls a block (i.e. :find (pull ?b [*])) you can add the following :view to the query to show that block’s data. (same location as :breadcrumb-show etc)
:view (fn [r] [:pre.code (pprint r)])