How to jump to a block reference on its parent page

Consider the following:
I add a few block-references to my current journal page, which point to TODO items (from different projects) that I want to work on for today (i.e. while planning the day). I then want to quickly navigate to those blocks later… but if I click on the bulletin of the block-reference, it will open only that block, whereas I would like to navigate to the block the parent page for context.

So the question is:
Is there a way to jump to a referenced block within the parent page? Ideally it would be selected for highlighting (i.e. making it easy to find the desired block between other blocks on the page).

What I am looking for, is very similar very to what the agenda plugin does:
When you click on “Naviagate to block”

it goes to the page and selects respective TODO block:

When inside the referenced block, at the top of the view there are links to the parent blocks (including the parent page), so this is one click away. And when the parent page is well structured, there are multiple levels of context to choose from. But yes, it would be nice if the specific child block was selected/highlighted. Meanwhile, can use Shift + Click to open the referenced block in the sidebar, so as it remains visible when opening a big parent.

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