How to jump to a particular block from other Mac apps by using a link?

In OSX, I can open workflowy desktop app and jump to a particular workflowy page from other apps (like “Things”) by opening a link like “workflowy://”, but it seems I cannot do the same thing with a link like “logseq://b2ecc991-94fc-4812-9be1-aaa95378f308”? Does anyone know if logseq has such feature or how to formulate the link rightly? Many thanks!

In Logseq you can link to blocks by using the double-parenthesis syntax like this: ((b2ecc991-94fc-4812-9be1-aaa95378f308)).

If you want to do this in a markdown link syntax you do this:

[my link text](((b2ecc991-94fc-4812-9be1-aaa95378f308)))

Notice the triple parentheses, which is needed because we put a double-parentheses block reference inside of the typical markdown link’s parentheses.

I think the important part is:

I know this feature from CintaNotes on Windows. The special URL must be registered in the OS. Would be great if this would work for Logseq too.

Whoops, my mistake, I don’t know how that works.