How to keep your config.edn up to date

Currently config of Logseq config.edn does not get updated with updating of Logseq.
Let’s assume you install Logseq with version 0.8 and keep using Logseq.
During this time Logseq would have new features and settings.
But your config.edn would not be updated (correct me if I wrong) and you might miss some configuration changes.

So you need manually check from time to time that your config.edn is up to date.
Flow is the following:

  1. Save default config.edn from latest Logseq repo
    logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub
    to some local file (in my case config-origin.edn)
  2. Open your config.edn in Visual Studio Code (VSC)
  3. Hit Ctrl+P and start typing Compare
  4. Choose Compare Active File With ...
  5. Choose file you just saved (in my case config-origin.edn)
  6. Now you can see the changes between you current config.edn and the latest one. You can copy past command from latest file to your config.

Tip: before paste new configuration search for it in your file, it might already exist, but in another line.

Nice one.

Nothing to do with you, but having to do this manual comparison is beyond pathetic, I cannot believe they still have not made this part of the updating process.

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