How to make "Block" display same in editing mode and view mode?

My problem:

On any page, when you click on a textarea block to enter its editing state, the display position of the block noticeably jumps (more specifically, it moves up). Although the amount of movement is small, it is clearly visible. However, there is no such problem for heading level block.

Expected outcome:

The expected outcome is that when you click to enter a block editing state, the display position does not change.

It is possible to solve this problem by maintaining custom.css file.

Environment information:

logseq version: 0.9.8
Windows 10

In what specific case does this happen?

I don’t see if with normal text in the default theme.
Also Windows 10 and Logseq 0.9.8

When i click on one of textarea block(not heading block) and enter editing mode.