How to make MarkDownload downloaded images show up in LogSeq?


I am trying to dump a collection of webpages into LogSeq, but I find that I cannot make it properly handle downloaded images.

I am now using MarkDownload to download the text and images in the page. For example, let’s say the downloaded page is, while all its images are like A/xxx.jpg. I realized that in-page images won’t get rendered if I just copy both the and the folder A/ into the pages/ folder.

When I try to fix this issue, I find that it is not a very trivial fix. The “correct” fix I can find is that I can move the A/ folder to under LogSeq’s assets/ folder, and then change all the image URL in the to something like “…/assets/A/xxx.jpg”. This makes it work, but also is not a very simple fix.

I tried to move things around and see if the images would load from another location, but it does not work. The only other solution is to embed images as Base64 into the However this makes the page not editable nor searchable.

Also, I cannot make this work using LogSeq’s copy paste. The issue is that some of the pages are from sources I need to login and otherwise the image URLs are blocked. I cannot do this from within LogSeq.

Do we have a better solution for this?

how are you setting the path in the md file?

Hi Bader! The path is given as relative path.

  • From the original .md file, it is exactly like “A/xxx.jpg”.
  • And to make it work in LogSeq, it has to be “…/assets/A/xxx.jpg”.
  • And I tried to follow the same logic, using “…/pages/A/xxx.jpg”, it won’t work. File is definitely in that path.
  • I’ve also tried to put the .jpg directly under “pages/” folder, and make the URL as “…/pages/xxx.jpg” or just “./xxx.jpg”, it does not work too.
  • However a absolute path in format of “file://<…>/A/xxx.jpg” works - which kind of beats the purpose though.

yeah, its not a supported use case. It’s expected that files are stored in the assets folder. The file protocol is available to include remote files.

I am now using MarkDownload to download the text and images in the page

note that Logseq is not a markdown viewer/editor. It supports markdown but its not a basic markdown editor. Did you try importing these pages into your graph via the import option from the 3dot menu top right?

I totally understand LogSeq is not a markdown editor; but I work off these downloaded markdown files as a reference so I do expect LogSeq to be able to render them. Is there any particular concern in displaying an image from a folder not the assets/ folder but within the same repo?
I took a look at the menu and looks like there’s no way to import a single .md file?

looks like its not supported yet.
Consider upvoting the feature request: