How to navigate up to parent from focused block?

After clicking on a bullet to focus a block, is there an easy way to go up a level? In macOS, Cmd+Up does this. I couldn’t find a shortcut for this in the Keyboard Shortcut docs, or the Keyboard Shortcut Source code.

There is “shift up” which selects the block above when not focused, but doesn’t navigate to parent when the block is focused.

I noticed this as a problem when I inserted a reference to a highlight in a PDF, then took notes as a child bullet point. Currently, Logseq apparently doesn’t support searching for text that has been referenced in a PDF highlight. So when I search for items related to the highlights in my PDFs, I only get results for their children. Then, I’d like to traverse up - but the references only open the PDF, they don’t traverse up!

I am able to shift-click on the reference to open the block in the sidebar, but I’m still a Logseq beginner, so I don’t know how to do the reverse of “open link in sidebar” to get the items that are in the sidebar into the main area.

Hi it’s in the keyboard shortcut as here

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Thanks for the tip. It looks like on mac, the correct keyboard shortcut for block zoom out is Cmd+, - this works for me. Also, it’s worth noting that it only seems to work in edit mode.

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I struggle with “zoom in/out editing block”. This is different than navigating, as the title of this post requests. In fact, it doesn’t seem to actually move the cursor from the current block. I don’t consider this topic solved because I don’t think the resolution is an equivalent substitute for the navigation requested.

When I’m in navigation mode, I want to jump from the sub-block to its parent block without hitting the up arrow key multiple times to get past all of the blocks above it on the same or lower level.