How to open existing page or link with shortcut

i want open existing page or link with keyboard shortcut in the note.(equals to mouse click), in obsidian, this shortcut is ‘alt+enter’.
i found ‘alt+enter’ to zoom editing block, not to open the content of the page or link.
how to do it?
thanks, best wishes


I have been searching for ages to figure this out too! I can’t quite accept that there is not a keyboard shortcut to just “open a page”, so I felt like I was the weak link. I also tried removing plugins to see if they had messed up my shortcuts. No luck.

So basically, I’m able to use the arrow keys to move up and down a list of links, but I must reach my hand to the mouse to actually click it and open it. Sounds so trivial, but it really annoying.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.