How to open search results in the sidebar

Is there a way to open the list of search results in the right sidebar?

To open a single result in the sidebar just hold the Shift keyboard key when selecting the result from the search results.

There’s no way to open the entire list of recent searches at once in the sidebar. You’ll have to open them one-by-one using the Shift key. You can speed up the process by using the key to select the next result from the search list and hitting Shift-Enter to open the search result in the sidebar.

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I meant opening the entire list, like when I run a search in vscode. All the results show up in a list in the sidebar, and I can select one to open it in the main panel.

I didn’t know I could open a single page in the sidebar like that, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

You’re welcome! I hope you don’t mind I’ve marked my answer as the solution and moved this topic to #faq as it’ll be useful for others.

Don’t mind at all, I just didn’t notice the solution button :slight_smile:

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