How to open two graphs at the same time?

I need to transfer objects from one graph to another due to some drastic changes.
So I try to open two graphs on two desktops to start this work, however I’m not finding a way to do that.

  • When I open a graph, the current one is closed.
  • I tried to pass the graph path to Logseq but it ignores it.
  • If I run the binary again it just switches to the current instance.
  • --help command line option doesn’t show anything.
  • Search this forum didn’t help as well.

The only way I observe right not is to install VirtualBox and run Logseq from there, which is a lot of work.

Is there still an option to avoid all sorts of virtualization to just get two copies running at the same time??

Have you tried Shift + click-ing on the graph’s name in the switching menu (top in left sidebar)?