How to paste text into Logseq without formatting

In the latest version of Logseq on MacOS, it started to pick up titles sporadically. Especially when copying from web
Example page

Copy pasted to the following in Logseq:

Is there a way to always copy just plain text? The way it works now by creating a new block when you copy paste has some headers is quite often unpredictable (especially when copy pasting to meta-data). I found myself using additional tools in between like Drafts to copy text there, making sure, that all rich text formatting is gone and then copying to Logseq


You can paste using Cmd-Shift-v (macOS) or Ctrl-Shift-v (Windows/Linux) to paste without formatting.


Thank you! That is what I was looking for!

Thanks for asking @NickUnique, and thanks for answering @Aryan!

This is a recurring question, so I’ve clarified the title a bit and transferred the post to #faq. I hope you don’t mind, Nick.


Of course not! Thank you for your work in the community!

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