How to prevent making bak folder?

i have problem with bak folder as said here; is it possible to prevent making of them?

What is the problem you’re facing?

i want to use logseq coinside with obsidian, problem is that “bak folder” will scatter search resaults in obsidian with many copies of pages and journals

You can add the bak folder into the list of ignored folders in obsidian.

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Yeah I have the same issue… How can I make Obisidian ignore the bak folder though?

The latest insider release now lets you ignore folders in Obsidian should make its way to public soon.

I’ve finally got Logseq and Obsidian playing reasonably well with each other though I wish I could make Logseq ignore my Obsidian templates directory and designate a new name for assets (or better yet, support per-directory folders. Right now assets is the only lowercase directory in my vault.

Edit: Actually,I just saw the :hidden [], config on the Discord and will play with it tomorrow for hiding templates.


The “excluded files” config in Obsidian will not ignore those files in Linked Metions, which is “an intentional decision”, so it still spams your Obsidian’s Backlinks Pane.

What I did are deleting the generated bak folder, then creating a symlink inside the logseq folder, named “bak”, pointing to NUL on Windows (I am using Windows 11), it works as /dev/null. This will ignore all writing attempts to /bak folder, so no back up files will be created.

I don’t think this is a good idea, because the bak folder is there for a reason. But it serves my use cases. Hope it helps.