How to print contents of /TODO page?

How can one print the displayed contents of the /TODO page? It doesn’t exist as a .md file nor can I print it using the demo browser with Chrome (or Firefox).

I can print a journal entry from its mark down file. I’ve tried using the browser demo to open my logseq directory and then getting it to display my /TODO page but again it doesn’t print the todo list. I’m assuming that’s because this is a dynamic page and doesn’t exist as a separate md file but… if I’d like to get a printout of the aggregated todo items.

I know a print function is a feature request, but nothing seems to have been done either about a general print function or a print of an “aggreated” page like /TODO.

Any solutions or work arounds? Thanks.

There is a PDF exporter plugin that does show Linked References (where you have the same issue) so I guess it works for TODO’s also. You can print the resulting PDF. But I have to warn you the results are not to great in my case. Also if you have many todo’s you might the stripes in your printout. That is because of the lazy loading that I hope will be removed soon (while keeping performance up to par).