How to publish a selected graph using publish-spa?


I am excited to find the option to publish logseq graphs or pages onto Github using GitHub - logseq/publish-spa: A github action and CLI to publish logseq graphs as a SPA app

After the step, “enable github pages on your repository and add the file .github/workflows/publish.yml to your graph’s github repository”, I tried to publish one test page from one of my logseq graphs. I however received the following error message:

  • Error: Invalid graph directory ‘/home/runner/work/MCB_416a516a/MCB_416a516a’ as it has no logseq/config.edn.
  • Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

I am also confused about if I have more than one graph, which one will get published to Github by this action? Do I need to link the graph somehow? Also, do I need to use Github Desktop for this action?


I raised the same issue