How to publish only (public:: true) pages?

Hi community,

I’m trying to publish my Logseq notes. After some research, I figured the popular methods are using Github Pages/Netlify/Hugo/Replit/Vercel with the help of some neat plugins such as logseq-publish or logseq-schrodinger. However, it looks like all these require the steps like below:
a. Export local pages to another repo/directory manually by hitting some buttons on the UI
b. Push to a git repo
c. Use the above mentioned tools to build and publish to a website

I have two questions about this general work flow:

  1. If I uncheck “All pages public when publishing” (because I don’t want to publish all pages) AND only mark public:: true as a page property on the pages I want to publish, once I “Export graph” for step a, theoretically only the public pages are exported and published later on. Is this the right way to do so?
  2. Do I have to do this step a. EVERY TIME I need to add a new page to my website? I mean if I’m about to publish ALL pages, it doesn’t seem like step a is needed. I can just write pages, push the whole directory where the graph resides to github, build and publish.

Am I understanding it correctly? Any advice is appreciated! TIA!

Logseq Publish~ is not longer supported ~but I’m the developer of Schrodinger and always only takes pages marked as public::true

Yes desired flow is to export directory every time. A change is made.

edit:: sorry didn’t click your link this logseq publish is definitely supported I got it confuses with a now defunct project.

Oh wow! Thanks for prompt response Aryan (did you set a keyword alert whenever people post about logseq-schrodinger?!) :slight_smile: Big fan of the project and apparently I’m only scratching the surface here. Thanks again for confirming the workflow!

Since I have your attention here (kinda), may I ask about some best practice in keeping both private and public notes. I’m thinking about keeping all notes in one git repo, private, just for personal reference and version control. Then another git repo with exported public pages with all the fancy hugo stuff. Does that make sense? What’s your practice?

Perfectly reasonable approach in my opinion. I personally store all my notes on iCloud while a subset, the public ones on GitHub as well. Very common and a definitely a good idea. One tip, make your repo private so that you don’t accidentally add some private notes to it :slight_smile:

And haha, not a keyword alert, I keep up with all new posts in the forum through the #forums channel on discord.