How to Query all DOING tasks on one page?

I have a page that is a project I am workign on. I have tasks all grouped together by type on this one page. When I am working on tasks I mark them as DOING, but they are still spreadout through the entire document.

Is there a query I can use to show all DOING tasks on one page?

What about

{{query (and (task doing) [[Project I am working on]])}}


didnt work but maybe I typed it in wrong?

You don’t have to put the ** there, just the text.

This is a copy-paste glitch you’re seeing with the extra * characters. Logseq is trying to be helpful and capture bold formatting from the forum.

I do stuff like you’re saying enough that I even have a template for it. If you make a block like this, you can then refer to it an it’ll automatically populate a query for the current page:

{{query (and (task doing) <% current page %>)}}
template:: current page doing
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thanks that worked!

I just wish one day they could make them look nicer… Info is super useful but looks horrible lol

But why are you using table view? If you just want to see them in the usual block style leave that setting alone.

Because I use the mast todo list plugin to see a graph of my tasks… and it shows up for every DOING task in that query and looks even worse then the block view lol

Ok, I see, with advanced queries you have full control of the output, using the :view clause you can even produce your own html output, but it would amount to additional work, of course.

ooo thats interesting. Is there anyway to just show the DOING task blocks and anything under them.

Right now its showing the blocks above them. Is it easy to get of just those?

Something like this?

yea something like that!

@Aryan is that possible to do in a query?