How to Query all #TagX blocks that hapened since last occurence of #EventY?

Hi guys, I am trying to dive into personalizing stuff within my Logseq environment and Queries seem like a hard nut :slight_smile: . Say I have an event once every couple of weeks (not a fixed date) and I want to get the results for all blocks that were tagged in a specific way (#TagX) since last occurrence of that event. The event has a #EventY tag.


I wonder if it is not possible if there is no answer to this q?

I assume it is possible to build a complex query which searches for a tag named #EventY in the journal pages and and record the date of the block entry into a variable.

Then perform a secondary search for #TagX between today and the recorded date ( journalsbetween ?). I believe it is surely possible, I just don’t know how to put it together in a complex query.