How to query all the #Tags without [[pages]]


I would like to ask, how to query all the #Tags without displaying the [[pages]]?


I’ve asked basically the same thing here and on Discord. Some nice person explained to me that tags and pages are only visually different and Logseq doesn’t treat them differently in queries.

I think that could change, and I’m just trying to learn a bit more about the app before posting a feature request.

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Thanks for the reply.
Agree that it seems pages and tags are the same thing. So it would not possible to filter one another.

I found another PKM tools is possible to filter Tags but not relevant to discuss it here.



just pretend you’re doing full-text query like {{query “#Tags”}}
according to documentation here it only works on desktop app for now

It’s the most annoying feature of logseq for me too. I still can’t get used to tags as pages approach, I prefer tags to be just tags for categorization and trying to adopt my workflow.

Since Obsidian does the same tags as pages approach, then how do they accomplish the same thing with their Tags Pane plugin?

I believe you’re mistaken. I remember it was debated, but the devs eventually chose to treat them very differently.

Tags are always #foo and pages are always [[foo]]. Clicking on #foo triggers a search for that tag and clicking [[foo]] takes you to that page.

I believe we can have the best of both worlds when it becomes possible to filter for #foo, #[[foo]], or even tags:: [[foo]], interchangeably.

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I stand corrected then, as I did not see that discussion.