How to query for page-tag AND property value

Hello there.

Let say that I’ve have some pages with the following tag and property :

tags:: Fiche Album
musicien·ne·s:: **#[[Frank Zappa]]**

I would like to query all the pages with this page-tag and this property with value equal to #[[Frank Zappa]]

By using the Live Query Builder I have obtained the following simple query :

{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s "**#[[Frank Zappa]]**"))(page-tags [[fiche album]])(page-tags [[fiche album]])}}

But, the result of this query is : No matched result

Any help on this query ?
Do I have to switch to advanced query ? If so, what would be the query syntaxe ?

It seems something went wrong with the query builder, it got the query right for the first part but then added wrong pieces. Try this one:

{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s “#[[Frank Zappa]]”))}}


{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s “[[Frank Zappa]]”))}}

(I just removed the #: the hashtag syntax is just like [[wikilinks]] but rendered with a different style, so in query it doesn’t matter)

Hum, by using your query:
{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s “#[[Frank Zappa]]”))}}

the result is the same: No matched result

But I didn’t mention that actually the Property Value is surrounded by ** (bold)

Nevertheless by trying
{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s “#[[Frank Zappa]]”))}}
the result is the same : No matched result

for the second query I surrounded #[[Frank Zappa]] with ** (but the ** are interpreted as bold in the forum).

So the real query is:

{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s “**#[[Frank Zappa]]**”))}}

but as I said before the result is : No matched result

It must be the problem since in general you can’t use italics and bold to style hashtags and in the property itself you shouldn’t see a proper tag. As a result the query can’t find that page.

You are right.
If I change my page as :

tags:: Fiche Album
musicien·ne·s:: [[Frank Zappa]]

the following query:

{{query (and (page-tags [[fiche album]]) (page-property :musicien·ne·s [[Frank Zappa]]))}}

produce the good result.

Please notice that if I use :

tags:: Fiche Album
musicien·ne·s:: #[[Frank Zappa]]

the same query works well (without adding the # in the property value).

Thank you for your help on this topic.