How to recover data after "clear cache"


I was having a problem with the user interface and browsing the settings to see what I could try to change to solve the issue, I noticed the “clear cache” button, click it and " Boom goes the dynamite". Yeap, I’m noticing the warning “… you will los unsaved changes”, now that I’m writing this message. Too late :’(

Looks like I lost all my data. But maybe there is a way to recover it.

I installed Logseq as an AppImage in my Ubuntu 20.04.

What do you think?

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Your data is not gone. When you installed Logseq, you selected a directory/folder to save your graph in. Just click the left sidebar and click “Add new graph.” Then select the folder that contains your graph.

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Good to know, thanks.

I’m using the AppImage version, so it is not “installed”. I just doubleclick the AppImage file and LogSeq runs.

So I could say that I have it “installed” in my home folder. But there was no “install” process where I would have choose any directory.

Supposing it is the same folder as where the AppImage runs, it would be my home folder: What kind of file should I search for? Maybe .json file? if that’s the case, no .json file is there.

Another thing to notice is the folder .logseq, bu it has nothing: This is all it’s content:

$ tree ~/.logseq/
├── graphs
├── plugins
└── preferences.json

2 directories, 1 file

TLDR; what kind of file should I search for? Where does the AppImage version store the graphs?

When you create a new graph in Logseq, you store it in a folder on your file system (you have to select it when you create the graph). That’s the folder @Aryan was referring to. You should click “Add graph” from the left sidebar and then select the folder where you have your graph stored.

I was not seeing that “Add graph” option. But now I got it. It is my-logseq -> Add new graph.

I forgot what was the folder, but patiently looking for it, I found it.

Thank you all for your help.

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Ah, good feedback. I realize it’s not that clear if you’re not already familiar with the left sidebar. I’ll move this topic to #faq and will add a screenshot to @Aryan’s solution.

Ramses, I’ve added a similar question in these forums but perhaps should have started here. I have the same issue, cleared the cache without thinking. But I have now “added” every graph I’ve ever created and none of them open to the one I was using when I did that dumb thing. I get instead, just a welcome, and a new graph. I am freaking out because I’d done so much work on this wonderful app. There must be something I’m missing, right?

The FAQ is not really a support forum. Instead, it’s always best to create a post in #questions-and-help for your specific issue.

Anyway, to answer your question: you should open the graph folder if you’ve cleared the cache. Open the left sidebar, then the dropdown from the top and click Add new graph. After that, select the folder that contains your graph. See my previous comment in this thread: