How to recover data after "clear cache"


I was having a problem with the user interface and browsing the settings to see what I could try to change to solve the issue, I noticed the “clear cache” button, click it and " Boom goes the dynamite". Yeap, I’m noticing the warning “… you will los unsaved changes”, now that I’m writing this message. Too late :’(

Looks like I lost all my data. But maybe there is a way to recover it.

I installed Logseq as an AppImage in my Ubuntu 20.04.

What do you think?

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Your data is not gone. When you installed Logseq, you selected a directory/folder to save your graph in. Just click the left sidebar and click “Add new graph.” Then select the folder that contains your graph.

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Good to know, thanks.

I’m using the AppImage version, so it is not “installed”. I just doubleclick the AppImage file and LogSeq runs.

So I could say that I have it “installed” in my home folder. But there was no “install” process where I would have choose any directory.

Supposing it is the same folder as where the AppImage runs, it would be my home folder: What kind of file should I search for? Maybe .json file? if that’s the case, no .json file is there.

Another thing to notice is the folder .logseq, bu it has nothing: This is all it’s content:

$ tree ~/.logseq/
├── graphs
├── plugins
└── preferences.json

2 directories, 1 file

TLDR; what kind of file should I search for? Where does the AppImage version store the graphs?

When you create a new graph in Logseq, you store it in a folder on your file system (you have to select it when you create the graph). That’s the folder @Aryan was referring to. You should click “Add graph” from the left sidebar and then select the folder where you have your graph stored.

I was not seeing that “Add graph” option. But now I got it. It is my-logseq -> Add new graph.

I forgot what was the folder, but patiently looking for it, I found it.

Thank you all for your help.

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Ah, good feedback. I realize it’s not that clear if you’re not already familiar with the left sidebar. I’ll move this topic to #faq and will add a screenshot to @Aryan’s solution.

Ramses, I’ve added a similar question in these forums but perhaps should have started here. I have the same issue, cleared the cache without thinking. But I have now “added” every graph I’ve ever created and none of them open to the one I was using when I did that dumb thing. I get instead, just a welcome, and a new graph. I am freaking out because I’d done so much work on this wonderful app. There must be something I’m missing, right?