How to remove attachments from filter

I have recently started using Logseq and I when i use the filter to retrieve all the tags used within a page, I find that the attachements (I usually attach .msg files from outlook) are there as well. Is there any way so that only tags and pages are shown? I attach a pretty decent amount of mails and for me they are just noise in the filter.
Cheers and Thanks!

Hi Angel,

I’m having some trouble understanding your question. Could you please share an example screenshot of this filtering and the returned .msg files?

Hi macedotavares,

The flow is the following:

  1. Within a journal age I attach a pfd and a .mgs file from outlook.

  2. Then I navigate to the page a click the filter button.

  3. I can filter by tags and pages but also by the .msg attachment (unexpected behaviour) and not by the pdf attachment (expected behaviour.

Thanks for your help.


Ángel Ferro