How to remove the pin and page number of pdf annotations?

The pin and page number are not comfortalbe for reading, so it there a way to hide them?Maybe need to change the css file ?

Thank you very much 0-0

.block-content[data-type=annotation] a.prefix-link:before,
.block-content[data-type=annotation] a.prefix-link,
.block-content[data-type=annotation] [data-hl-type=area] .hl-page {
	display: none;

This CSS will hide them, but without a page number, you will not be able to navigate back from notes to pdf. In that case, you can hide only the pin.

.block-content[data-type=annotation] a.prefix-link:before {
	display: none;

This works, thank your very much! :wave:

I usually click link to visit the pdf, so there is no matter without a number.

Another question, how to remove the underline of the text.
I tried text-decoration: none; but nothing happens.