How to repeat and scheduled task


Is it possible to schedule a TODO for a certain day and carry it to the next days until it’s checked as complete? (as in org-agenda)
That way you know that you did actually not complete it.

Thanks in advance

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I’ll second that - Things does a similar thing (without calling it overdue), which feels like a more humane way of keeping tasks in view without feeling terrible every day.

What do you mean with “carry it to the next days”? Queries are very useful for displaying overdue todos (e.g. as default queries in the journal).

For example, I use the following query:

{:title "🏮 overdue open todos)"
  :query [:find (pull ?block [*])
      :in $ ?today
        [?block :block/marker ?marker]
        [(contains? #{"DOING" "TODO" "WAITING"} ?marker)]
        [?block :block/scheduled ?d]
        [?block :block/deadline ?d])
      [(< ?d ?today)]]
  :inputs [:today]
  :collapsed? false}

Is this what you where searching for?

If you didn’t know yet, you can insert your own queries in the config.edn file which are then always displayed in the journal.

In the settings there is a link at the top to config.edn which can then be edited directly in Logseq.

Queries can be inserted at this point…

 The app will show those queries in today's journal page,
 ;; the "NOW" query asks the tasks which need to be finished "now",
 ;; the "NEXT" query tasks the future tasks.

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t particularly like using /scheduled as I find it more complicated than just adding a date with NLP such as “next Friday”. The automatic/included ‘now’ and ‘next’ queries do a good job, except…they don’t roll over tasks that didn’t get done, or exclude tasks for future days such as ‘wash dog’ in the pic (that should only pop up in the ‘next’ section or ‘now’ on Jul 20th).

hope this makes sense…

EDIT: I notice now that undated tasks seem to be collected under ‘now’, that’s probably more what I am after, except mostly I give them date to hide them until I need to see them :slight_smile: Also, any July 15th tasks (eg repair roof) shouldn’t pop up in ‘now’ as it’s in the future…

Hi, that’s why you can use your own queries and adapt them to your needs.

I didn’t you could configure the queries below. That is fire :fire:. Thanks ChrisVn :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. Have fun customising the queries.


Yes and that would be great if I could get them to work :relaxed: …ie how to exclude a task that is on the journal page on, for example, jul15 but has a date attached of jul20 - so, I would like it to disappear on jul15 ‘now’ (modify the query), and only show it on jul20, but if I don’t check it off on jul20, it should keep appearing the following days (at infinitum). If you can help, that would be fantastic!

(I can paste the query I tried later when I’m back at my computer)