How to rollback?

I’m using 0.9.20 and I’m running into so many data loss issues. I just updated a page in Logseq while tailing the local MD file in the terminal. At no point did Logseq ever write my edits out to the file. Which means no history was stored in the page history and because the file system was never updated, git never picked up the change. Nothing shows up in the logseq/bak/pages directory either. After two or three minutes, my edits get replaced with the old version of the file.

I’ve gone through edits I’ve made in the last 48 hours and so many of them have been wiped out. I have no idea how to proceed and I don’t know if 0.9.20 is the problem but it’s definitely one of the more buggy releases (and that’s saying a lot!).

How do I rollback? I didn’t have this problem prior to 0.9.20.

Using a different version (either newer or older) should be straight-forward, just by using the same files and letting Logseq’s different version build its own index.

What I couldn’t find was the releases page here. For anyone else that’s trying like hell to get away from problems in 0.9.20 here’s what I did:

  • Cleared my cache
  • Uninstalled 0.9.20
  • Deleted ~/.logseq directory
  • Downloaded 0.9.19 from Github release page
  • Installed 0.9.19
  • Opened Logseq and turned off auto updates

Now I get to spend the rest of my Sunday replacing all of the edits that I lost over the last 3 days. I’m so out of my mind frustrated with this software. I’m too invested to move over to something else.

This sucks.