How to save web articles in LogSeq ? (for moving away from Evernote)

One feature that still keeps me partially in Evernote is saving a webpage or web article as ‘simplified article’ with Evernote’s web clipper.

Are there ways / plugins etc. to do this with LogSeq ?
I think Roam had a highlighter plugin that could nicely copy all highlighted text over. Is there something like this for LogSeq ?


The closest thing is Omnivore plugin I think

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Actually, the Roam Highlighter for Chrome works pretty well. Takes whatever you marked to the clipboard, with tags or even a template definition as meta data. Just paste into LogSeq.


Omnivore could not save the full text to Logseq.
I tried and only Highlights could be saved to Logseq. I use {{{content}}} but that didn’t work.

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When I want to save a webpage, I use SingleFile (extension available on Google, but I prefer installing browser extensions from code). SingleFile will take a webpage and turn it into a single html file. It is great for personal archives.

There’s a couple of option I’ve never tried, so maybe there’s everything for you. I haven’t tried to import into Logseq though. I suppose the whole HTML could be pasted to a block (making it uneditable because of the lenght) but it might make it slow, I don’t know how Logseq handle that.

Roam Highlighter + paste it s my go-to also. The available one-click extensions aren’t worth the hassle, no matter how much I miss the Evernote clipper.