How to search for tags / page titles only (migrating from Joplin)?


I am currently testing and trying out logseq to see, what migration from Joplin looks like.
Main workflow in Joplin is based around tags - I have a couple hundred of them.

Joplin treats tags as own entities, which makes it very easy to organize (and search!) notes in a non-hierarchical fashion. So whenever I am searching for old notes, tags and their combinations are the first thing coming to my mind. E.g.

  • topic-tag: “note-taking”,“pkm”,“joplin”,“logseq”
  • context: “code-snippet”, “benchmark”, “review”
  • verb/action: “searching”, “sorting”, “moving”
  • etc.

Hence question is: is there any way I can search (ctrl-k) for tags only in logseq?

I know a tag is just another page, so guess this leads to: How to search for fixed strings in the page title only?
Fixed string, because when my tags is bar, I don’t want to get a tag named foobarbaz.

It doesn’t make sense to create a separate query per tag.

Thanks in advance!


The tags plugin is quite nice, but unfortunately can only discover pages for a single tag.
It cannot help, if you want to find notes with #javascript and #codesnippet.

So current workaround is to have a temporary scratchpad page (or Contents) to do adhoc-queries, like:

{{query (and [[javascript]] [[codesnippet]] ) }}

I really would appreciate doing simple queries directly with the search dialog.

Would this rather require bigger changes to underlying search implementation?
(as I undestand @logseq-cldwalker in the issue, there isn’t anything on the roadmap yet)

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