How to set "default-home" to TODAY, not journals

My apologies if this has been answered, but I have searched up and down, and cannot find a straight forward answer.
Simply put, when I start LogSeq, I just want to see the entry for TODAY only; essentially a blank screen with today’s date at the top.
I do not want to see yesterday or the rest of the journal entries.
I have tried setting the following (and similar variations) in config to no avail:

 :default-home {:page "today"}

This just has the exact same effect as {:page “journals”}, with a new date for today followed by my last journal entries.

Further to this, the “comprehensive list of config options” I have found here and across the internet list examples for the default-home setting, but only “Changelog”, “home”, and a specific date. See here for an example: Default page or view on start - #2 by starryveshch

That is, the ‘comprehensive’ list does not seem to include a list of ‘keyword’ page names (like ‘home’) that can be used in this setting, only the setting headers themselves.

Thanks in advance. I can only hit my head against this wall for so long.

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For the record, I have tried variations like:

:page "today"
:page %today%
:page "%today%"
:page <today>
:page <%today%>
:page ?today

But nothing seems to work.
Any assistance would be appreciated.