How to set "default-home" to TODAY, not journals

My apologies if this has been answered, but I have searched up and down, and cannot find a straight forward answer.
Simply put, when I start LogSeq, I just want to see the entry for TODAY only; essentially a blank screen with today’s date at the top.
I do not want to see yesterday or the rest of the journal entries.
I have tried setting the following (and similar variations) in config to no avail:

 :default-home {:page "today"}

This just has the exact same effect as {:page “journals”}, with a new date for today followed by my last journal entries.

Further to this, the “comprehensive list of config options” I have found here and across the internet list examples for the default-home setting, but only “Changelog”, “home”, and a specific date. See here for an example: Default page or view on start - #2 by starryveshch

That is, the ‘comprehensive’ list does not seem to include a list of ‘keyword’ page names (like ‘home’) that can be used in this setting, only the setting headers themselves.

Thanks in advance. I can only hit my head against this wall for so long.

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For the record, I have tried variations like:

:page "today"
:page %today%
:page "%today%"
:page <today>
:page <%today%>
:page ?today

But nothing seems to work.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

For today on every launch, try this

I appreciate the effort but it is way beyond my coding skill.
I will have to raise a feature request. As stated on the other page, I simply don’t understand why this isn’t a default option.

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I created a plugin that excludes entries before today on journals.
Single Journal plugin

Hi @YU000jp,

I really appreciate the effort that you went to, but this is not the execution I was hoping for.

What you have achieved is shortening the Journal page to one day instead of the default three days.

What I want is a way to map “Home” to the entry for Today. Rather than see the option to scroll down for earlier days, I want Home to default to Today’s entry, which includes Linked and Unlinked References.

(Sorry, @YU000jp, this part is not directed at you; it’s more of a general rant about basic UX that’s missing in LogSeq sometimes.)

My broader question for this was regarding why navigating to Today is not an easier option.

For some reason “Go to tomorrow” has a shortcut of “g t”, but for today, I have to use “g t g p”? (That is, go to tomorrow then go to the previous journal)
Why not “g t” for today, and “g T” for tomorrow? Even “g y” for yesterday makes more sense than no option for Today.


I realize my answer over on this other post might help here too.