How to Set Up an Automated Daily Template in Logseq with week day specific design


I’ve used this guide:

How to then Set Up an Automated Daily Template in Logseq to make a day specific task.

E.g. I want my template to say good friday on every friday and not on any other day.

How to?

Use the logseq-powerblocks-plugin. Specifically the syntax: <%IFDAYOFWEEK:5%>

ok thanks, but then how to say Good <Which part of the day it is : Morning/afternoon/evening> it’s example: "Goodmorning it’s Tuesday’ ?

Ah, ok I can create that for you. But in your mind, what part of the day is morning, afternoon and evening? I reckon this differs from country to country?

morning 6-12
noon: 12-17
afternoon: 17-22
night: 22-6


morning 6 AM - 12 PM
noon: 12 PM - 17 PM
afternoon: 17 PM - 22 PM
night: 22 PM - 6 AM

Hmm, that’s very different from my country! For my country, it generally is:

Morning: 5am-12pm
Afternoon: 12pm-5pm
Evening: 5pm-8pm
Night: 8pm-5am

Hi, I’m so sorry for the delayed response maybe I’m not up to date with time? But could it work? And how if yes?

There is a plugin available for using different templates for each day of the week.