How to Shift+Down or Shift+Up to select the next line in a long block?

Hello! As much as I love Logseq, one thing is a huge point of friction for me: When I’m in a long block, like a long paragraph with many sentences, if I’m on a line of text and press Shift+Up or Shift+Down, I end up in block-selection mode with the current entire block selected. What I’m hoping to be able to do is extend the text selection up (or down) by one line. This is how the vast majority of “normal” text editors and multi-line input fields work in the rest of the world, including this here rich text field as I write this question.

Is there a way to set the keyboard customizations to do this, but also preserve the ability to select multiple blocks with the keyboard when in block-selection mode?


I agree to this too! There is no way to select some text using Shift+KeyUp/down and that bothers me as well.

How Notion does it that it lets you select text inside the current block first and if you keep extending, you move to the block select mode.

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Ok, I edited config.edn in a text editor (VS Code works great) and added these lines in the keyboard shortcuts section. This enables shift-selecting a single line at a time inside a long block, but prevents using the keyboard to select a bunch of blocks at once. That’s fine with me. I do the former way more than the latter!

{:editor/select-block-down   false
 :editor/select-block-up     false}
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There’s an issue on GitHub Shift+Up/Down should expand the text selection instead of selecting the whole block · Issue #4346 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Also, I’ve changed the ‘select block’ shortcut to shift+alt+up/down. So now I can still use both.