How to sort blocks in order in page

Hi Logseqers,
I have a longer page (notes from a book).
Throughout the page I have a couple blocks tagged for later reference, e.g. #refs/action.
At the end I want to list all blocks with that tag using a query.

I tried the query: {{query (and <% current page %> #refs/action)}}
but the blocks are not ordered as they appear on the page.

Is there a way to sort them as they appear on the page?

Same: Sorting a query by block order on page?

Hmm, I hoped to find something simpler.
The query mentioned in the above post returns just 1 main block.
Discord discussion leads to “NO TEXT CHANNELS” error page.
The Github issue mentions, that it is fixed, but it is not fixed for simple query
and the advanced query - see above.

Unfortunately I don’t have time resources to learn advanced queries right now,
so I list my blocks manually.

So I have rewrote the simple query to advanced query to check if the order of the output blocks will be according to order on page.

   :title "list refs/action on the current page, wrong order, cont"
   :query [
      :find (pull ?b [*])
      :in $ ?current-page
         [?p :block/name ?current-page]
         [?b :block/page ?p]
         [?pp :block/name "refs/action"]
         [?b :block/refs ?pp]
   :inputs [:current-page]

But the order is still broken.

Currently I haven’t found any way to fix the order.

Maybe I will check some variation of recursive search.