How to type an accent over a character

I’m trying to use Logseq’s flashcards to help me learn Spanish, I need to be able to enter an accented letter, say, a u with an accute accent. I can’t figure out how to do it. I tried to use ALT codes but they didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated!


They work to me.

  • Where do you try to insert them?
  • Have you tried typing e.g. Alt + 0250 , using the keypad on the right?
  • Can also copy them from the Character Map.
  1. I was trying to add them in a block on a page as part of creating a flashcard question/answer pair.

  2. I was using a Windows 11 laptop with the numbers on the top row, not separate on the side. It wouldn’t work. However, when I went to my desktop, and used the keypad on the right, I could enter the accented characters. I’m not sure why it work with the laptop.

  3. Yes, I was able to copy the accented letter from the Character Map. It’s just takes a little extra time to use a lot.

As usual, I really appreciate your help. It is always clear and fast!


You can try special keyboard layout with accents.

You can add an additional keyboard to your Windows configuration. In particular US or UK “international” english keyboard.

That do not change your keyboard’s layout (if you were already using a US or UK keyboard), but makes the apostrophe and other keys to act “dead”, which means that they are not processed until another key is pressed. So, if you press apostrophe (') and then space, you get a regular apostrophe. But if you press apostrophe and then “a”, you get “á”.

This will affect also to double quotes (so you can use "u to get ü) and tilde (so you can use ~n to get ñ). Also to the backtick ` (to be able to type french grave accents) and to the caret ^ (for french circunflex accent). To get the normal characters for these cases, press space after.

Abulafia, your suggestion to add the US international keyboard worked best for me. As a tip for others, once you add US International English as a language in Windows 11, you then have to select the language, click on the three horizontal dots, Advanced Options, then on “add a keyboard.” It took me a few minutes to figure it out.