How to use Emacs with cider to connect REPL to logseq? (Solved)

I’m new to emacs. I’ve been able to connect with Clava with VSCode and Vim-Iced. I’ve been recommended to try out Doom Emacs to develop in Clojure. I haven’t found a simple user guide to use with Cider. Anyone have been able to make it work with Logseq?


Like with vim-iced, I’ve been able to make it work by using yarn watch then Clava from VSCodium and then cider-connect-cljs. Still haven’t been able to make shortcuts works within buffer (like to eval current line).


I’ve been able to connect cider to logseq with cider-jack-in-cljs. I believe it didn’t work previously because I didn’t have some deps (as mentioned in the cider documentation) in shadow-cljs.edn and possibly in deps.edn. But I still can’t eval a command from a cljs file. I can yank it and paste to the REPL and it works properly, but no cider-eval command works within the cljs file.

I was able to solve it. In shadow-cljs.edn, I needed to replace :nrepl {...} with:

  :port 50655}

run yarn, then cider-jack-in-cljs and use M-x cider-eval-defun-at-point (last step is only for checking it works).

The following repos should work once the config above has been done.