How to use lowercase variant of page name in text, if page title is written in "title case"?

I write page titles in title case, but would like to display page links inside text in lowercase form (“sentence case”). Is there some functionality that enables this, excluding the markup for links?

For example, if page name is “Computer Network”, and I want to link it inside some block of text, I would like the link to be displayed as “computer network”.

Logseq link should not be case sensitive.
If you create a link [[computer network]] will open up the page [[Computer Network]] anyway

That’s not the issue. I’m looking for a way to display page links in lowercase, when page title is written in title case. For example, if page is titled as “Computer Network”, its links would appear in notes as Computer Network and I want them sometimes to be displayed as computer network.

Ignore the fact that links in example are external links. I’m talking about linking pages.