How tu use Library excalidraw from app in mobiley

The menu /draw in mobile, dont show library.

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Some functionality doesn’t work on mobile at the moment. Example are Excalidraw, the PDF reader, and plugins.

We’re currently working on a whiteboarding feature (based on tldraw) that will replace Excalidraw. That feature will work on mobile (it already does for our Sponsors).

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How can I use whitedrawing?, Not now?

As I mentioned in my original answer, whiteboarding is currently available to Sponsors. I’ve included the link as well :point_down: (it’s in alpha though, so not aimed at beginners!)

Whiteboards as provided now in alpha channel are a different thing from Excalidraw though: whiteboards let you place and browse spacially Logseq entities like blocks; while we use Excalidraw for illustrations inside our notes.

Is there something else based on tldraw that is planned to replace Excalidraw? Because at the moment whiteboards are not a replacement, the purposes are too different.

What prevents you from creating illustrations using whiteboards (tldraw) in Logseq? Granted, some drawing/illustration tools still need to be implemented (whiteboards is still in alpha), but the plan is that you can do everything with whiteboards that you can do with Excalidraw.

The ability of placing blocks onto a canvas is just one of the possibilities. Drawing and illustrating will just be as important.

Indeed I prefer Tldraw as backend and I would be happy to use it instead of Excalidraw (in case of feature parity)!

I was just wondering if we will be able to place drawings in blocks like we do now with Excalidraw but without mixing those with whiteboards.

I mean, I prefer to have a clean overview of proper whiteboards (with blocks, arrows etc) that ignores small drawings placed somewhere in my notes.

So maybe Tldraw library could be reused but without considering each drawing a “whiteboard”? This way one could disable whiteboards from settings but still be able to draw in blocks.