How was your experience moving from Anki to Logseq for flashcards and SRS?

Dear all,

I am on the fence about using Logseq for flashcards and spaced repetition.

I have been using Logseq for almost a year now for note taking and todos and I like it a lot.
And I use Anki for learning flashcards.

It would make sense to use its SRS functionality as well, because it would allow me to link and edit flashcards inside Logseq (as opposed to using e.g. Anki Sync Plugin, which does not allow two-way sync).

But I am hesitant, because:

  1. The implementation of flashcards seems very basic in comparison to Anki. E.g.:
    • There does not seem to be much ability to adjust the learning algorithm, which I did in Anki.
    • No statistics about learnt cards.
  2. I found that there appears to be a bug report about the SRS algorithm having a bug. See here

At the same time, I have come realize that you can achieve fair deal of functionality using tags and queries. Also, as said the ability to do in-place editing (e.g. for incremental reading) and linking cards is VERY appealing.

So my question to users that moved from Anki to Logseq is:

  1. How was your experience switching to Logseq for SRS?
  2. What do you miss moving away from Anki and what are you happy that you gained?
  3. How robust (in terms of bugs, usability, etc.) is your experience?

Thank you and kind regards,