Hrishi, earth system scientist, struggling artist

Hi everyone!

I study the connections between various spheres of the earth system to help address inter-connected global environmental challenges. The very idea behind this field is that everything is connected! (in other words, bidirectional linking! woot woot). My other interests include being in the backcountry, listening to (and attempting to play) jazz, and plein-air watercolor sketching.

To be closer to my parents, I recently moved from Pasadena, USA (where I was with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) to Pune, India. Every time I switch jobs, I revisit my digital tools to see if something shiny-yet-useful has come up. The last time I had changed my setup was in 2017 (when I switched from Jupyter Notebook to Atom IDE for Python). I have been using One Note, Apple Note (mainly as a scratchpad), Google Keep (groceries), and pen and diary (tasks and to-dos). This time around, I have made some significant changes. I have started using a dedicated task management app- after exploring a few, I settled on Ticktick. I am moving away from my Word-based writing workflow (mainly due to collaborators’ resistance) and giving a go to Typora and Authorea for writing manuscripts. Finally, I found out about Logseq only early this week, and I have already started using it for daily diary, notes, and outlining of research papers. Eventually, I hope to transfer my entire notes universe from One Note to Logseq.

These are the logseq features I love!

  • Infinite outlining (I know, the obvious, but I had never used an outliner before, so it’s super cool!). The Folding feature and then being able to focus on a single block is priceless!
  • Bi-directional linking, and being able to see the linked references so easily
  • Ease of use
  • Love, love, love the presentation mode. I am planning to use this for weekly group meetings
  • The daily journal as starting page (I have been maintaining a daily journal since I was 12-year old!!)
  • Block referencing. I like the idea of how this can expand a research paper outline. Ideally, I would love to be able to create the final manuscript that shows seamlessly embedded blocks (kind of like Gingko).
  • Zotero integration
  • PDF highlighting
  • Logseq’s philosophy on data privacy and compatibility

I am looking forward to interacting with you all.

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@Hrishi very interested in seeing your workflows, presentation tips/tricks. I too love the idea of bi-directional linking mirroring systems/complexity theory. +1 for Gingko-like seamless embedding of blocks.